Distinguished (i) Private Collector & (ii) Purveyor of Fine Geckos

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Specializing in Chahoua


❝You simply can't go wrong with Troy's Geckos❞

- Michael Pannone, The Chahoua Chamber

Welcome to Troy's Geckos!

We are two distinct parts: (i) private collector of New Caledonian geckos and (ii) separately, a purveyor of select high end Leachianus (“Leachies”), Rhacodactylus Auriculatus (“Gargoyle Geckos”), and Lilly White Crested Gecko projects, but our primary focus and specialty are Chahoua (Mniarogekko Chahoua, also known as “Chewies” and “Mossy Prehensile Tailed Geckos”).

We believe that these geckos, especially Chahoua, make the best captive kept reptiles on the planet.  They’re a great size (not too big, not too small); generally very docile and handle-able; come in many different colors and patterns; can thrive in many environments, from simple, easy to construct plastic bins to elaborate, beautifully planted glass terrariums; long-lived (capable of 20+ years); hardy; relatively low maintenance; breed-able for most experienced keepers; etc.

We have assembled a phenomenal collection that were selectively acquired and produced from only the finest animals over many years.

We seem to be constantly in awe of the beautiful animals that are produced each season and thoroughly enjoy keeping and sharing these animals.

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I have known Troy as well as traded geckos with/from him for many years. Troy is a passionate keeper who always strives to do the best for his animals, while also creating a experience for those who he engages with. In addition, Troy has some of the nicest chahoua stock I’ve seen so you simply can’t go wrong with Troy’s Geckos.
Michael, The Chahoua Chamber
Troy is one of the more knowledgeable people in the hobby. He is a wealth of information and is always open to discussion and giving advice. My interaction with him has always been professional and honest. He is a person that I will continue to buy from in the future.
Darnell, notable Chahoua breeder
Troy’s Geckos are top-notch.  The Chahoua I bought from them [as purveyors] as a juvenile has grown into a stunning adult! Troy is also great to deal with and talk to.
David, Tikis Geckos
Troy has an outstanding collection of animals!  I really enjoy our conversations about all things geckos.
Armando, gecko enthusiast
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