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We are a collector and breeder of beautiful geckos. While we are pursuing some select high-end, high color Leachianus (“Leachies”), Rhacodactylus Auriculatus (“Gargoyle Geckos”), and Lilly White Crested Gecko projects, our primary focus and specialty are Chahoua (Mniarogekko Chahoua, also known as “Chewies” and “Mossy Prehensile Tail Geckos”).
We believe that these geckos, and especially Chahoua, make the best captive kept reptiles on the planet! They’re a great size (not too big, not too small); generally very docile and handle-able; come in many different colors and patterns; can thrive in many environments, from simple, easy to construct plastic bins to elaborate, beautifully planted glass terrariums; long-lived (capable of 20+ years); hardy; relatively low maintenance; breed-able for most experienced keepers; etc.
We have assembled a phenomenal collection by selectively acquiring and breeding only the finest animals over many years.
We seem to be constantly in awe of the beautiful animals that we produce each season and thoroughly enjoy caring for and sharing these animals.

Why Buy From Us

We take great pride in our animals and go above and beyond in our level of care for them. (For example, we often make our own food using all natural, organic ingredients when available, including organic, human-food-grade cricket flour and grass-fed whey protein as sources of protein). In addition, we do our best to provide honest, unedited pictures (we generally crop the pictures only).
We have spent years acquiring the nicest specimens we could get our hands on by leveraging friendships with other breeders, employing an “open checkbook”, and selectively breeding and holding back exceptional offspring.
We are often complimented for providing prompt, friendly service.

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