In Person Gecko Purchases

Troys Geckos

You can buy your next geckos at the show and take them home safely with you!

By contacting us directly and committing to a purchase*, you will receive 10% off and we will put the animal on hold for you to pick-up and pay for at the next reptile expo or before (if arranged in advanced).  Arranging for pick-up of a gecko reduces the stress on the animal dramatically, and saves money too!

Use the contact form here to tell us which animal you want to purchase and pick up at the show.  Not attending the show, but a friend of yours is? Someone authorized by you can complete the transaction too!

Please note that certain exclusions apply.  For example, this offer is NOT applicable to geckos marked “Inquire” and where a price is subsequently worked out privately or animals currently offered with a sale price.

(e.g., generally a 25% deposit is required for a gecko to be placed on hold and then the gecko must be paid for and picked up in person by noon at the next show; if not, deposit is forfeited (lost) and animal is put back up for sale.  Please note that credit cards are generally not accepted for in-person transactions.)

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