Frequently Asked Questions

We are a collector and breeder of beautiful geckos. While we are pursuing some select high-end, high color Leachianus (“Leachies”), Rhacodactylus Auriculatus (“Gargoyle Geckos”), and Lilly White Crested Gecko projects, our primary focus and specialty are Chahoua (Mniarogekko Chahoua, also known as “Chewies” and “Mossy Prehensile Tail Geckos”).

We believe that these geckos, and especially Chahoua, make the best captive kept reptiles on the planet!  They’re a great size (not too big, not too small); generally very docile and handle-able; come in many different colors and patterns; can thrive in many environments, from simple, easy to construct plastic bins to elaborate, beautifully planted glass terrariums; long-lived (capable of 20+ years); hardy; relatively low maintenance; breed-able for most experienced keepers; etc.

We have assembled a phenomenal collection by selectively acquiring and breeding only the finest animals over many years.

We seem to be constantly in awe of the beautiful animals that we produce each season and thoroughly enjoy caring for and sharing these animals.

Yes, we offer discretionary group discounts that depend on a variety of factors.  We encourage you to contact us to discuss.

Yes, we keep some select, additional species that we may offer for sale in the future.

We take great pride in our animals, and go above and beyond in our level of care for them.  (For example, we often make our own food using all natural, organic ingredients when available, including organic, human-food-grade cricket flour and grass fed whey protein as sources of protein).  In addition, we do our best to provide honest, unedited pictures (we generally crop the pictures only).  

We have spent years acquiring the nicest specimens we could get our hands on by leveraging friendships with other breeders, employing an “open checkbook”, and selectively breeding and holding back exceptional offspring.

We are often complimented for providing prompt, friendly service.

We do not keep a waiting list.  However, to be the among the first to know about new geckos available for sale (and sale prices), please subscribe to our mailing list here:


We do our best to price their geckos fairly and thoughtfully.  To gain some insight, please read our article on the topic here: Gecko Pricing Guide

We vend regularly at the White Plains Reptile Expo, occasionally at the Long Island Reptile Expo, and often attend the Hamburg, PA Reptile Show.  For more details, check out our page here:  Meet Troy’s Geckos!

Yes, we do ship geckos within the Continental 48 United States when the weather is appropriate (generally between 45 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  For more information regarding our shipping policy, please check out our terms and conditions here: Terms and Conditions

Please contact us directly to discuss options for shipping internationally.  We handle these requests on a case-by-case basis. Contact us here:

    Yes!  Geckos can change colors, at times dramatically, throughout their life.  We do our best to provide an accurate, visual representation when posting our geckos for sale.  Please note, though, that these pictures represent their coloration at one distinct point in time (that is, the time at which the picture is taken).  If more pictures are needed for you to feel comfortable purchasing the gecko of your choice, please let us know and we will try out best to comply. However, please note that pictures take time to process and another buyer may jump ahead of you and purchase the animal before additional photos can be taken, uploaded, organized, cropped, and sent.

    Our care sheets are coming soon! In the meantime, please contact us if you have a specific question.

    Long-term payment plans are generally not accepted. Once a commitment to purchase an animal has been received, full payment is required within 48 hours unless we agree to a written, alternative arrangement.

    At our discretion, we will place a gecko on a 48 hour courtesy hold with a non-refundable 25% down payment. If the prospective buyer does not send the remaining payment within 48 hours of a written request to purchase the gecko, it will be relisted and the buyer forfeits (loses) the 25% deposit. We consider no animal “sold” until full payment has been accepted and received.

    Please see our Terms and Conditions for details regarding returns and refunds here: Terms and Conditions

    Please see our Terms and Conditions here and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to discuss prior to making a purchase: Terms and Conditions

    Troy’s Geckos must collect sales tax for purchases delivered to a location in New York State.  By agreeing to make a purchase, including but not limited to, sending payment to Troy’s Geckos, you are agreeing that you are responsible for any/all applicable state/local sales tax charges, which will be calculated and may be billed to you after you checkout but prior to delivery.

    Yes, Troy’s Geckos generally charges for shipping, which is typically $55 – $75, depending on a variety of factors.  If it’s not calculated at check out and you have any questions, please contact us immediately. If not, you may be billed after you check out before shipping.

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