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Generally speaking, the typical Crested Geckos and Gargoyle Geckos are less expensive than Chahoua and Leachianus.  Of course, exceptionally colored Crested and Gargoyle geckos, respectively, could be more valuable than a more common looking Chahoua or Leachianus.


A mature, adult animal is usually more expensive than a hatchling.  An adult animal displays its adult colors and is ready to breed. Remember, these geckos can live for more than 20 years (and successfully breed throughout most of that period).


Depending on the species, trend, and buyer, some colors and patterns are more desirable than others.  For example, when it comes to Chahoua, many prefer a brightly colored base-color with a lot of white present, especially above the neck area and on the gecko’s back.


The breeder of the animal (and their respective reputation) and what the animal’s parents look like, if known, are also beneficial and can add to the gecko’s value.  For example, if there is a trait from the animal that you like and either or both of its parents exhibit that trait, that gecko likely has a greater chance of passing that trait on to its offspring.  Also, some breeders or brand names have a better reputation than others resulting in higher prices.

Gender (sex)

Often, a female gecko is more valuable than a male because she is capable of laying eggs that can hatch into new/more geckos.  However, with Gargoyle Geckos and to a lesser degree, Leachianus, males seem to be less common and therefore can command a premium in price.  Other times, an exceptional male becomes more valuable as they are capable of being paired with multiple females in a single breeding season (either simultaneously or in rotation).  In addition, it’s widely believed that males can breed successfully at a younger age than females, especially with Chahoua.

Breeding status

After a gecko has successfully bred, it is considered a “proven breeder”, which often enhances its value.


Sometimes an exceptionally large gecko may command a premium, such as a Leachinaus from Grande Terre capable of reaching 400+ grams.  Conversely, an undersized gecko relative to its age could sell at a discount on the open market.


An animal represented thoroughly and completely, with clear, flattering yet honest (i.e., not overly edited) photographs and a thorough description will typically result in a higher market rate.

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