DARK Male ?!? [DM (17-3) (2022-09)]


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This is a possible/probable COVETED DARK male from a PROVEN, HIGH WHITE producing pair!

On sale for only $995

ID DM (17-3) (2022-09)
Hatch date November 28, 2022
Sex Probable female
Weight 18 grams
Status Juvenile
Possible Color Dark!


How to purchase: Contact form below, TroysGeckos[at]gmail.com, @troysgeckos on Instagram, or Troy’s Geckos on Facebook; do NOT try and check out on the website.


Gender/sex: the gender/sex of a juvenile (i.e., non-adult) gecko is not guaranteed (generally less than 40 grams); we use a commonly used pore sexing technique that is often, but not always accurate.

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