Hatchling from High White and Brightly Colored lines! L x S (21-02)


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Probable male! (Gender not guaranteed.) High propensity for bright red color given parents’ color!

This is hatchling is the result of a new pairing this year composed of high white and high color lines. Louboutin x Sparrow is a line of animals that I have been breeding for years and are one of our foundational high white pairings. Canadia was an import composed of some of Leapin’ Leachies’ lines and has a fire-y red base color that has only gotten brighter as the gecko has aged (which is not common!) The picture of the sire attached does not do his base color justice!
This animal as a higher color, sexed juvenile (e.g., in a few months from now) would likely command a price of $1,800 – $2,000.  Early opportunity to get a great gecko before it colors up and becomes sexable!  Gecko will not ship until it’s at least 6 weeks old and shipping weather, if applicable, is very safe.

ID LxS (15-2) (2021-02)
Hatch date May 2, 2021
Sex Probable Male
Weight 13 grams
Status Hatchling
Possible Color Red, Pink

Asking $1,649

Please click “Additional Information” above for more information about the animal, such as detailed lineage; please click on each picture below to enlarge it.




"Louboutin" x "Sparrow" (2015-2)



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