Hatchling from High White and High Color lines! Au x Co 21-01


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This is (Augustux x Cookii) x Richard (2020-02), which is an example of an animal with a modest white collar that comes from amazing, high white and nicely colored lines! Augustus x Cookii was produced by Cardinal Creatures and Richard was produced by Bill Hughes.  This animal as a higher color, sexed juvenile (e.g., in a few months from now) would likely command a price of $850 – $1,200. Early opportunity to get a great gecko before it colors up and becomes sexable!  Gecko will not ship until it’s at least 6 weeks old and shipping weather, if applicable, is very safe.

ID Augustus x Cookii (2021-01)
Hatch date May 20, 2021
Sex Unsexed
Weight 5 grams
Status Hatchling
Possible Color Red, Pink

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Augustus x Cookii (Cardinal Creatures)


Richard (Bill Hughes)

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