Hatchling from High White and Pink lines! PR (21-01)


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This is Padawan x Revan (2020-01), which is an example of an animal with practically no white on it that comes from amazing, high white lines that have produced some absolutely stunning offspring (only one example of which is attached). This animal as a higher color, sexed juvenile (e.g., in a few months from now) would likely command a price of $650 – $1,000. Early opportunity to get a great gecko before it colors up and becomes sexable!  Gecko will not ship until it’s at least 6 weeks old and shipping weather, if applicable, is very safe.

ID PR (2021-01)
Hatch date May 6, 2021
Sex Unsexed
Weight 5 grams
Status Hatchling
Possible Color Pink

Asking $549

Please click “Additional Information” above for more information about the animal, such as detailed lineage; please click on each picture below to enlarge it.




Padawan x Revan (F) – Produced by ET Geckos


Glados x Sir Loin – Produced by Jasper Sailfin Geckos

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